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The table of contents lists recent modifications by date added to our book. Each modification is a representation of a single purchase. If you need to see all modifications, please click here. These modifications are for the purpose of navigation only and are not intended for reviewing. For a fuller description of the history of the Digital Fix service and how purchases work, please go to here. Log in or sign up (it’s free) become a member Already a member? Log in To read more about our books, please visit www.cornetbooks.com. To learn more about all our books, visit www.bloomsbury.com Success Story – Stephanie Allison Over eight years ago, Stephanie Allison was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease and had to undergo dialysis three times per week for a year. But she had always had a strong heart, and since her diagnosis, she was able to work full-time as a paralegal in the legal department of a Fortune 500 law firm, while still going to dialysis. Despite her busy schedule, she had always felt an extreme urgency to do a meaningful charity on behalf of someone who needed it. Stephanie is blessed with many qualities: a strong drive, a sense of empathy, a knack for connecting with others, a love for helping and a strong work ethic. So when her kidney disease was diagnosed, she decided to make a difference. And she does this by making arrangements for lifesaving and even spiritual home dialysis machines to be delivered to locations around the world where patients have limited access to quality home dialysis. Stephanie had heard of Parkland Health & Hospital System through her work and the family connection; she grew up in Euless and attended Trinity Lutheran and Holy Trinity Catholic high schools there. So she was excited to hear that the dialysis machines needed for her charity, Transplant Unlimited, would be manufactured at Parkland Hospital, which was one of the 50 hospitals chosen nationwide to be a part of the Parkland Health & Hospital System for the Legacy of Hope initiative. After a successful order, Stephanie learned that Parkland, was able to deliver the dialysis machines to clients in only two to three weeks, as opposed to the months it takes for the equipment to be manufactured elsewhere. “Having dialysis machines delivered to where they are needed the most, is a huge difference. I truly believe that the machines, in turn


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