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This plugin reshapes the wave by an exponential function, inspiration was taken from the Nord module of the same name.If you are getting rubbish out then it’s probably because the host isn’t using the input/output range hints, which are very important for this plugin. Waveshape Entering positive values will determine the wave to expand while the negative values have a compressing effect.







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By using the Reshape function, you can easily tweak the output of your plugin. The Reshape function can be used as a modifier to change the way the signal gets handled in the plugin. Here’s a brief overview of the options: Linear Type This corresponds to the type of linear reconstruction, with the obvious types: linear, lowpass, highpass and bandpass. For a linear reconstruction we need to enter a coefficient to describe the amount of distortion, the higher the coefficient the more distortion the filter will produce. The default value of 1 corresponds to no distortion. Reshape Scale This option controls the amount of distortion the reshape effect will produce. So if we set the scale to 1 the plugin will retain the amplitude of the signal, but distort the waveform proportionally to the scale. Reshape Range This option controls the input/output range that the plugin will work on. If we set the input to 0, the plugin will only use the output values from the input signal. This means that the output values of the output signal will be set to 0, if no values are entered for the output. Note that if the output range is not a multiple of the input range, then it will be padded to have the same number of output values as the input. Reshape Damping This option controls the amount of attenuation that the plugin will apply to the wave. The higher the value the more attenuation the plugin will apply. At 0 the plugin will not attenuate the signal at all. Reshape Damping scale This option controls the amount of damping that the plugin will apply to the wave. The higher the value the more attenuation the plugin will apply. At 0 the plugin will not attenuate the signal at all. Reshape Fraction This option controls the amount of reshape that the plugin will apply to the wave. The higher the value the more reshape the plugin will apply. At 0 the plugin will not reshape the wave at all. Reshape Frequency This option controls the number of cycles that the plugin will apply to the wave. The higher the value the more cycles the plugin will apply. This option has no impact on the amount of distortion the plugin will apply to the signal. Setting this to 1 will turn off the frequency modulation of the plugin. There is an example of how to use

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Nord works by implementing two macros, BPM and Length (aka Modulates and/or Time). The BPM macro (BPM in the macros section) sets the BPM at which the wave will play (1 is the value we’ll be looking at right now). The Length macro (length in the macros section) sets the length at which the wave will expand or compress. If you wish to define a macro for a certain mode (or both macros for a mode) then use “Mode: ” followed by the macro name. “Mode” and “Mode2” are used in the macros section. Compressor (or Expander): As you might guess it works by using a compression algorithm to ‘compress’ the wave. The compressor works by implementing its own expand/contract loop and will take one or both of the BPM and Length (expand or contract) macros into account when the ‘compressing’ is applied. Using the built-in cross-fader or the external cross-fader is highly recommended. Active: The plugin will now either automatically expand or compress the wave if the plugin’s Active setting is set to something other than OFF (0). While the plugin is active you can set the wave to be either expanded or contracted in your hosts bpm (default is normal) by entering any value you want. If you enter 0, the plugin will automatically expand/contract the wave if you are using an external cross-fader to change the bpm (as is recommended). If you want to have the plugin automatically expand or contract a wave when you set the active value to any other value other than OFF (0) you need to also enter the input range of the plugin. If you enter the range in the Hosts input/output Range section you can also leave the slider in the bpm section blank to automatically expand/contract the wave. Hosts input/output Range: The plugin will only work if the input/output range is set to something other than OFF (0). If you set the range to 0 you’ll get a lot of rubbish out. The plugin uses the signal shape you’ve entered in the plugins signal shape section. The input range is determined by the plugin’s range and can have two or three segments: Each section’s minimum value and maximum value determine the range. The best way to work out what your input range should be is to listen to the the wave as a86638bb04

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Parameters: +pitch – The pitch value of the plugin (defaults to 0). +freq – The frequency value of the plugin (defaults to 1). +exponent – The exponent value of the plugin (defaults to 0). +min – The minimum value of the wave. (defaults to 0) +max – The maximum value of the wave. (defaults to 1) +amp – The amplitude value of the wave. (defaults to 1) -val – The value to transpose. (defaults to 0) -key – The parameter to send to the arp-table. (defaults to 0) +h – The number of the highpass filter. (defaults to 0) -h – The number of the lowpass filter. (defaults to 0) +l – The number of the lowpass filter. (defaults to 0) -l – The number of the highpass filter. (defaults to 0) +v – The value of the velocity. (defaults to 0) +smooth – The value of the smoothness. (defaults to 0) +chop – The value of the chops. (defaults to 0) +soign – The value of the s-o-i-n-g. (defaults to 0) +sdec – The value of the s-d-e-c-e. (defaults to 0) +restrict – The value of the restrict. (defaults to 0) +sustain – The value of the sustain. (defaults to 0) +length – The value of the length. (defaults to 0) +kern – The value of the kern. (defaults to 0) +velocity – The value of the velocity. (defaults to 0) -delay – The delay of the value. (defaults to 0) -key – The parameter to send to the arp-table. (defaults to 0) +delay – The delay of the value. (defaults to 0) +key – The parameter to send to the arp-table. (defaults to 0) +gate – The gate of the value. (defaults to 0) +portamento – The portamento of the value. (defaults to 0)

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With this plugin you can get some amazing results for distortion. The waveshape really affects the bass, mid and treble. Wave Shaper 1.0 (64-bit, VST, AU) This is a Beta, it is in a early stage of development. If you like it tell us what’s wrong with it or find a better idea. Thanks! This is a VST plugin, for 64 bit host only. It’s being developped in the Propellerhead Reason VST3 Plugin SDK. This plugin is still in an early stage of development and is not in a quality assurance testing phase. Many things are untested and not working. It is possible that crashes happen. If you download it, the author is giving the plugins to everybody. He would appreciate a few critics or remarks. -VST3 Beta : he’s using the VST3 Version of Propellerhead’s Reason. -AU : uses the default output range from Propellerhead’s AU Plugin. This is a beta version, because the WaveShaper VST is still under development. Installation: This is for 32 bit host only. You must have “64-bit plugins and libraries” in your preferences. It’s only 16MB. Copy and paste it into your plugins folder. If you are a 64 bit host, change the output range from “32 bit” to “64 bit” in the plugin settings. Why do I need VST Host? Plugin compatibility: The plugin supports the following VST Hosts: If you have any other VST Host, send us a message and tell us what host it’s not working with. We can try to help you, and most important we can always change the output range of this plugin to fit with the host. Here is a short list of supported hosts: Audacity Cubase Cubase LE Cubase AI Garritan’s CMI Gibson’s G3 In-Sound’s LN MacPro Max for Live Macs Neo DAW Native Instruments Nuendo Pro Tools QTractor Sonic Foundry Sonic Foundry HQ Steinberg’s Cubase Ultralap VST Instruments Plug-ins vs. VST Hosts: Hosts like AcidVST, AudioAccelerator, MPE, VSTie, Live!, Windows Audio Driver etc. don’t allow the use of plug-ins. VST plug-ins can have a VST Host when they need to. The WaveShaper VST Plugin doesn’t have any VST Host, it just renders the signal, instead of rendering the plug-in. Change-Log: v1.0: – Use the standard


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Maximum number of seats: 8 Minimum number of seats: 2 Minimum resolution: 1024×768 To install: Drag the file into your My Documents/User/Ragnarok/Ragnarok/ Alliance of Valkaria/Game folder. Once in the folder, the installer will extract itself. If it asks you to restart, do so. Download: 1. Alliance of Valkaria/2. Alliance of Valkaria/1. Alliance of Valkaria/3. Alliance of Valkaria