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Spatiu Download With Full Crack is a Free software that is so swift to locate, quick to erase and quick to restore disk space! How does it work? Spatiu is what is called a “Disk Space Protector”. You don’t have to activate it. It will protect your storage just by running and is completely free. You can easily remove unwanted files and folders from your computer with a single click. Spatiu is a disk space manager designed to clean your disk in a jiffy. It’s quick and easy to use. Then, you can view the files and folders Spatiu has deleted and recover them when needed. You can even schedule when these actions will happen. Features: ■ On-screen instructions ■ Free and open-source software ■ 90 days trial ■ Very easy to use ■ It can be used to recover files. ■ It can clean up your hard drive disk, get rid of cruft, and make disk space. ■ You can view the deleted items and recover them when needed. ■ You can schedule when these actions will happen. ■ It requires about 14 MB. How to use Spatiu: Step 1: First of all, install Spatiu on your PC. Step 2: Enjoy the free space. Recover deleted files with Spatiu: 1. Click the Restore button and select the file or folder you wish to recover. 2. You can preview its contents and mark it as recover. 3. Then click on Select button and the file will be recovered. You can view the deleted items and recover them when needed. Scheduling actions with Spatiu: 1. Click the Schedule button. 2. Set the time for when your files and folders will be deleted. 3. Set the number of hours or days for files and folders to be deleted. 4. Click Save and you’re done. Main Features of Spatiu: – Clean up your disk with a single click. – Easily find and delete old, unwanted files. – Clean up your disk without losing data, and easily recover your data. – Schedule when these actions will happen. – Very easy to use. – You can view the deleted items and recover them when needed. – Comes with instructions. – Free and open-source software. – Support English,

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Spatiu is a free disk space checker & manager for Windows. Spatiu works with the file structure of the Windows operating system and its free version does not limit the number of files or folder to be checked. Spatiu can include also files in the system reserved, system, public, temporary and saved on the desktop directories. Key features: ■ Free: only useful time consuming when your computer runs out of free space. ■ Quick: its operating mode is very easy to start, press F5 or Ctrl-E in the Spatiu window to start the process immediately. ■ Easy to use: all parameters are displayed graphically and no need to learn complex commands. ■ Useful: you can also find the out of disk space directory in the Advanced Tab where you can delete the files or folders that occupy too much disk space. ■ Robust: if you activate Spatiu search your home directory, all the windows explorer is displayed the results of searches. ■ Stable: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. ■ Configurable: you can place Spatiu’s window to show above taskbar or to replace the taskbar, you can change the background color of the control panel and the size of the control panel. Spatiu Features: ■ Automatically detects and update registry and Uninstall list. ■ When you buy a software and you find your product is not what you were promised, contact us to get refund and exchange within 30 days. If the product is broken, contact us within 10 days to obtain replacement. If you disagree with our returns policy, just don’t buy our software. ■ When you uninstall a software, we will do the same procedure as installation. And will move all previous registration data to the correct registry. ■ Bug fixes, additional languages added to our software. What’s New in Version 2.4.2: • Fix crash bug. What’s New in Version 2.4.1: • Fix Search over the searching tab. • Clean and improve user-interface. • Fix the bug which add SPATIU* in the start up. • Fix the language bug for French and Italian users. What’s New in Version 2.4.0: • Faster searches. • More languages supported. 2f7fe94e24

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This is a windows program, but this fantastic disk space and file manager comes with a neat and very well designed interface. There are three views you can choose from, one is a tree, the other two are very practical list views. The tree view looks like a folder structure. The size of each folder and the size of its contents are shown. Moving a folder will move all its contents in a single move operation. That is a major plus, especially if you use Spatiu often to move files around. The list view on the other hand, is a long list that shows the files and folders in the current folder. Selecting one or more files or folders in the list, will then open it in the more detailed view. Move files, delete, rename. All common file actions are easy to do. Moving a file to a folder is as easy as moving a file. You only need to select the folders on the list. Rename is done in the same way. Renaming files and folders is made easy with three click on a folder to rename it. Also creating new folders and files is a breeze with Spatiu. You simply make use of the create button, and the folder or file will appear in the list. File properties are shown on mouse over. The toolbar has a handy icon list to choose from. From there, you can see all the file properties. This tool is also quite easy to use. It comes with a neat, easy to use interface. Buttons can be moved around, and the software allows to change them. The program has a neat and very well designed user interface. It has the above mentioned features of moving or renaming files and folders, and has all the usual choices, like, create, edit, move or delete them. It is easy to use and has a neat user interface. No spyware, no anti-virus, no problem! If you liked this program, check this site out. Spatiu is a windows program, but you can use it on UNIX, Linux and Mac OSX. The Spatiu download comes packed with a lot of help files (that is very useful if you want to use the program as a professional) as well as a tutorial. This is a must have tool for anyone who use their hard drive or disk space. It’s a must have for any users who are into their computer.

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Spatiu is a free tool that helps you manage your computer’s disk space. It scans your data to find and remove files too large for your hard drive. With Spatiu you can search and delete files and folders up to 1000MB in size. It can also free up disk space that you can use to store extra files. Features include: ■ Fast and easy to use ■ Delete files up to 1000 MB ■ Multi-lingual interface ■ Supports almost all file types ■ Easy to use ■ Supports almost all file formats ■ Supports almost all Windows versions since Windows 2000 ■ Supports almost all languages for the user interface ■ Supports all types of files, folders, and disks ■ Create, search, and delete backups ■ Provides a detailed list of files For more information about version details, please see the Spatiu version information page. What’s New in Version 3.4.5: Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.4.4: Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.4.3: Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.4.2: Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.4.1: Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.4.0: ■ Added support for macOS Mojave ■ Added support for pictures (JPEG, GIF, PNG) ■ Added support for PSP files ■ Bug fix (CAM did not work on Windows version, now it is fixed) What’s New in Version 3.3.3: ■ Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.3.2: ■ Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.3.1: ■ Bug fix What’s New in Version 3.3.0: ■ Added support for Symbian OS ■ Added support for iPad ■ Bug fix (it was not clear enough before that Spatiu could not be launched inside an IPhone / iPad app What’s New in Version 2.9.9: ■ Bug fix (reparation) What’s New in Version 2.9.8: ■ Bug fix What’s New in Version 2.9.7: �

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