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Tarnished is a commercial action RPG fantasy setting for players to create their own fantasy character, and is available on PC via Steam. Features: ・Unprecedented Customization · Choose your own appearance, equip items, and develop your character. · Create a team of NPC allies and take on massive dungeons. ・Largest System of Customization Equip items and weapons, develop your character, and create your own dungeons. ・Evolve Your Character to a Higher Level Thoroughly progress your character, level-up, and gain stronger skills. ・One of the Highest Quality Game Development Having worked on key titles such as Kingdom Come Deliverance, Elex: The Choice of Legend, and Sword Art Online: Lost Song, we have a proven track record. ・Eye-popping Graphics and Sound A new 3D RPG with a smooth gameplay experience that combines the rich atmosphere of the masterwork Hand of Fate with the eye-popping graphics of Sword Art Online: Lost Song. ● Steam Version: ■ Features ■ ■ First Online RPG where you can customise your own character Discover a detailed world filled with various monsters and quests. ■ Choose your own team of NPC allies Support the hero, gain passive buffs, and assist the characters to progress. ■ The Dungeons that you create are completely free to change and expand Design your own dungeons, add quests, and make them as you desire. ■ Create your own dungeons In the vast world, form a team of NPCs, receive assistance, and challenge powerful monsters. ■ The Adventure With a Lot of Excitement Encounter dangerous monsters, fight for your life, and climb the ranks of the dungeon. ■ A large story that players can dive into as they desire We have a number of exciting and unique features that we will reveal at a later date. ■ Exciting online play that lets you play with others Join other players in a world designed for online play. ■ Lifetime updates Since we have introduced all of the game’s content, we will continue to update the game, adding more content and new features, including DLC. ■ About Tarnished In this online RPG, you can freely customize your character, and it features the largest system of character customization yet.


Features Key:

  • -Official site
  • Screenshots (64 in total)
  • Preview File (Japanese only)
  • Minor Points

    • Story: 25+ Hours
    • Communications: true asynchronous online play combined with a visual display of messages and characters
      Not just a simple chat.
    • Choice of what you Want to Do: Make a Choice!
    • Production Period: about 2 years
    • Title: Elden Ring
    • Co-location of “Void Knights” (ancient weapons forged by deities in the Void and used by the Elden Ring)
    • In-game system for effortless persuasion/coercion and soul-transfering
    • Various items and monsters that can be acquired during the course of the adventure, such as teleportation devices, various rewards for your efforts
    • Non-combat scenarios using cooperative elements, or tactical battles
    • Blessed weapons specially put into the game by its developers

    The pre-order phase is just around the corner. So if you want, just reserve your copy right now!

    Official Pre-Order Site

    A special pre-order site is up as of right now. You can get yourself a special 12,960 yen version, and more details about what is included (in Japanese) here.

    New Items:

    While the items in the Standard Edition are not new, this version has a prize for the first buyers:


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    [Item Information] Name


    What’s new:

    Looking for more? Well, you’re in for a treat! Some pictures were taken on the PC beta forums. –  

    As for “Title Update 3” we just got a dev update in our forums where they stated the following:

    Welcome to the New, Improved Stonekeep!

    Will uploading this have it appear in the New Game Playlist on PS Vita?

    Available for free to download as of today! We will be updating all patches available for download starting 3-1-13. To access, update, download, and access this patch go HERE

    Once we fix the rest of the game we will be moving forwards with the release. Thanks!

    Also please read the update we have posted below:


    Detailed change log:


    – Added 6 New Levers. This is the first new feature added in Title Update 3.

    – New Skill Tree interface. This is the second new feature added in Title Update 3.

    – Added 3 New runes.

    – Minimates are back as of Title Update 2.

    – Added new player equipment. This is the third new feature


    Free Elden Ring PC/Windows

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • First, Download Them from the link below
  • Download the android version to your device
  • Extract the file on your computer using 7Zip or WinRar
  • Copy the Elden Ring folder on your device/sdcard
  • Run the.apk file
  • Install the game using the normal procedure
  • After logging in with the game, activate the in-app purchase to activate the premium level of gameplay.
  • Direct Download Links:

    1. Android Version
    2. Windows Version


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 128 MB video memory Hard Drive: 35 GB available space DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card How to Install: Download the data from provided link and extract the folder. Run the setup file and follow the instructions. You can


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