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Got password? combines security and convenience, simplicity and flexibility in one handy package. Designed to take a minimum of effort to configure and activate, it securely gives you access to your credentials with just a couple of key taps or mouse clicks. Got password? is able to generate cryptographically secure passwords and will use 128-bit strong RC4 encryption algorithm to keep all your passwords safe. It can also organize your accounts by category for maximum ease of use. Here are some key features of “Got password”: ■ Lightweight: doesn’t take over your system’s resources just to do its job. It stays out of your way until you need it. ■ Easy to access: no complicated key/mouse combinations to memorize. No awkward dragging of items from one window to another. A simple double key tap brings it to the foreground, a mouse-click away from entering your credentials. ■ Secure: all of your passwords are encrypted using an industry standard, 128-bit strong RC4 encryption algorithm. ■ Easy to configure: clear and streamlined single configuration screen makes account list setup a breeze. ■ Flexible and multi-purpose: use it to go to your favorite Web page or to enter user ID and/or password into the Web browser or another program of your choice. ■ Password generation-enabled: can generate random passwords for you to use with any new accounts you create. (Because they are generated using robust, cryptographically secure algorithms, they can be much more hacker-proof than a password you might choose yourself.) ■ Portable: Use it with a ‘flash’ drive of your choice, such as a USB drive, and take it with you wherever you go. Your account information then becomes available to you whenever you need it! Requirements: ■ P-133 ■ 64 Mb RAM ■ 2 Mb hard-drive space Limitations: ■ a maximum of five accounts


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■ Got password? is a fast, simple password manager with advanced features. With Got password? you can quickly access and manage your passwords from a lightweight, yet powerful GUI interface. Got password? is based on the great P-133 Psion PC Palm program Palm desktop application, and is compatible with Palm OS version 3.5 and newer. ■ Visibility ■ Got password? is the first password manager program for Palm OS devices to use a clear, password generator. The password generator is hidden until you need it. When you need it, it appears as an easy-to-use popup, ready to generate a random password. ■ Secrecy ■ The password generator that Got password? uses is completely transparent. There is no keystroke memorization, no special windowing, nothing special to look for when opening the program. It just shows up as a normal popup menu. You can now generate any random password, without fear of someone seeing it. And because it is completely random, it will not appear similar to any others you’ve created. ■ Availability ■ The Password generator you see in Got password? is just part of the program. It is not displayed to the user, just to a separate component in the Got password? application. Got password? itself hides that component, so you don’t have to see it. ■ Anywhere, Anytime ■ Got password? is not tied to any location. That means it can be on your desktop PC, or can be portable to your Palm device. Got password? can be used with any Palm device: Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm Tungsten, Palm Treo, and Palm Zire. It can also be used with Windows PCs as long as you have P-133 (Palm Tungsten hardware). ■ Perfect for Newbies ■ Got password? is perfect for people who are just learning about passwords, but don’t want to take the time to memorize any long strings of random characters. Got password? lets you generate a random password each time you create a new account. ■ Anyone can use Got password? ■ Got password? is part of a suite of applications offered by PocketPC Products. The other applications in the suite are Access and Time. These three applications are easy-to-use, flexible and extremely secure. If you need anything more specific than what’s on the page, you can send an email to Also, if you have any technical questions at all, we will do our best to answer. A: The purpose of passwords is to prevent others from accessing your account. If you!!!BETTER!!

System Requirements:

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