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Alarm Clock-7 is a small software application developed specifically for helping you read the time from the comfort of your desktop with the aid of a digital clock and set up alarms. It can be installed on all Windows versions out there. Clean looks The tool places a minimalist panel on your screen that reveals the time in hours and minutes. By default, the main window is placed just above the system tray area. You are allowed to move the digital clock to the desired desktop position. You can control the utility from the system tray or right-click on the clock in order to get access to its configuration settings. A help manual is included in the package and provides useful details about the dedicated parameters. Clock configuration settings Alarm Clock-7 offers you the possibility to show or hide the date, day of the week, flash delimiter, seconds, and shadow. What’s more, you are allowed to adjust the opacity and scale of the main panel, choose between different background types (e.g. Glass, Solid, Gradient), keep the clock on top of other panels, as well as run the tool at Windows startup. You can alter the color of the border and font, choose between several colorful themes in order to change the looks of the clock, and configure alarms. Plus, you can set up reminders with custom messages which are shown at specific time. A new alarm can be activated by providing information about the name, time (in hours and minutes), and recurrence parameters (e.g. daily, monthly, yearly). Plus, you can make the program trigger the alarm on specific days of the week, set the duration of the alarms, display popup notifications, and play audio alerts (WAV file format). Last but not least, you can work with a calendar that comes packed with basic features for helping you jump to the next or previous month or go to a specific month. Final observations All in all, Alarm Clock-7 comprises a handy suite of options for helping you view the current time on your desktop, configure alarms, and add reminders. Note: Additional features are available in the Pro version.









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If you have the application, please rate it 5 stars (best possible). We’ll be thankful and grateful for that. If you haven’t downloaded the application yet, you can find it here: It is a very easy, cost-free application for Windows. Thanks for using AppBrain! Hi, Well, the app is somewhat well-designed. I like the popup notifications, but the notifier is too big and probably shouldn’t be a notification. In the help file, there is a link to where you can disable the notification. I am very appreciative of the concept, and well-written description. Thanks Hi! I really like the design. I’ve been searching for a simple application that could display the time and date on my desktop, which is what you’ve made. It appears I’ve found it, however, I am a little confused. I’ve installed your program on my computer. I can open the help file, but when I click on “Start” it comes up with this message: “Application Error Message: Unrecognized command” Not sure why. In another forum, someone mentioned, and I believe he might be right, that when you run a program you might be looking at the help file. I didn’t know that. Maybe that’s what’s happening. Anyway, thanks for the program. I do like it. A: Thanks for the review. I’m happy to read that you like the app! As for the “unrecognized command” error, this could happen if the configuration file is not included. Do you know where is the configuration file stored? On Windows, if the configuration file is not included, the default location would be: %AppData%\config.ini You could try copying this file to a location where you’re comfortable with. If you did this, close all windows of Alarm Clock-7, and try opening again. I hope this helps! Q: How can I get the file name from an uploaded image with PHP? I am trying to read the file name from a image that is uploaded using PHP. I am running into a problem where my file is being called as the file in my database, and not the file name from the image

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/Windows 7/Windows 8 Processor: 1 GHz Memory: 512 MB Graphics: 128 MB DirectX 9 graphics device with 2D acceleration Hard Drive: 10 GB available space Additional Notes: Keyboard or game controller recommended. Game saves are saved in an autosave file which can be loaded at any time during play. Players can be quick-joined and enter a game within seconds of each other, with instant gameplay. Settings